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Travel Insurance

Peace of Mind
While You're Away

Without travel insurance, every time you leave your home province — whether for business or pleasure — you're leaving some financial peace of mind behind.

Going on vacation, travelling for business, or just need to get away, getting a comprehensive travel insurance policy is a must.   Health care costs are expensive and by simply purchasing travel insurance you can travel worry free because you have the protection you need for your medical care and backing of Canadas trusted travel insurance provider.    

Taking a vacation is a time to make great memories, purchase your travel insurance from iQ and ensure you make great memories, not forgettable ones.  Talk to an iQ agent before you leave to remove the uncertainty and confusion, and have a worry-free trip. 

Here is a sampling of the travel insurance plans we offer:

  • Single trip coverage for that one time traveler world-wide or in North America

  • Annual plans for the travelers who travel frequently world-wide or throughout North America

  • Family Plans

  • Visitors to Canada for those having friends and family visit

  • Seniors who like to travel for extended periods abroad

  • International Students who are coming to Canada for education

Our plans include some of the most comprehensive benefits available and a coverage limit up to $5 Million for emergency travel medical.  Here is a sampling of some of the benefits available to you:

  • Emergency hospital visits

  • Prescription drugs

  • Medical evacuation back to Canada

  • Air and land ambulance

  • Medical diagnostics

  • Return of vehicle

  • Chiropractor/Physiotherapy/Osteopath and more

  • Medical equipment

  • Family transportation

  • Pet returns

  • Emergency dental

  • Accidental dental

  • A follow up visit to the doctor if needed