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Tenant Insurance

What's Included?

Purchasing Tenant Insurance with iQ is fast, easy, and convenient.

Tenant Insurance is an absolute must if you are renting and should be a requirement of any landlord renting their home to someone.   This coverage will ensure that both renters and landlords have protection when the unexpected happens.  At iQ we make it simple, we only offer comprehensive coverages unless we absolutely cant, this way we maximize protection of your property and eliminate concerns at claim time.  While the coverage is generally inexpensive, it is important to get it as you are living in close quarters with other condo owners  and renters and unfortunate things can happen when you least expect it.

We have coverages for all types of tenants, including:

  • Homes
  • Apartments or condos
  • Mobile homes

All of our condominium insurance policies come with the following:

  • Coverage for your possessions
  • Coverage for legal liability
  • Sewer back up
  • Medical payments
  • Extra living expense coverage
  • And a whole lot more

Some optional coverages include:

  • Earthquake coverage
  • Overland Water coverage
  • Home based business
  • Increase liability coverage
  • Enhanced coverages to protect your special and valuable items such as bikes, jewelry, artwork and so much more


We have flexible insurance options that fit your needs, but in order to better understand them, talk to us today at 1.844.467.4747.