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Referral Partners

Referral Partnerships

Are you interested in establishing a referral relationship with an insurance broker?  Do you want to earn referral fees for sending iQ insurance you clients who need home insurance? 

If so, we're the perfect pairing.   iQ has over 1,000 referral partners, most in the mortgage broker channel. They recognize the importance of diversifying their income and product lines.   

Our program is simple, and you can start earning referral fees today, like the many mortgage and life insurance brokers partnering with iQ Insurance to help their clients get the best coverage for their single largest asset – their home.

Reasons to consider iQ as your referral partner for home insurance 

  1. Diversify your revenues with ancillary income streams

  2. You get instant access to our very own and exclusive rewards program

  3. We act and function as a broker by shopping the market for your clients to get them the best coverage and pricing

  4. We are quick, easy and paperless making it easy for your clients to get insurance

Talk to us today, and sign up to refer and get paid — it's that simple!


You refer your client to iQ


We consult with your client


We pay you a referral fee