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The iQ Advantage

Passion. Experience.

The iQ Advantage

iQ is a Canadian success story — in 2014, we saw and heard from so many that buying insurance was not a terribly fun thing to do. So we set out to change both the experience, and the perception, in our own way. 

Our journey began in 2014 with a dedication to establishing and living out core values based on everyday interactions with our clients, partners and colleagues.

Our goals

Our goals were, and continue to be, simply to ensure we deliver a great experience in the purchase of insurance. 

We marry great technology, real people and quality products so you can purchase your insurance easily and in any environment you choose. We know that when you need insurance, you don't want delays. So we use the latest technologies to make purchasing insurance fast, easy and efficient, leaving you plenty of time for other pursuits. 

We have also always striven to help you understand what you are purchasing and why, so that you will not be disappointed should you need to make a claim.   

Through careful and controlled growth, iQ has established itself as national insurance brokerage operating in 4 provinces helping Canadians every day with their home insurance needs. 

The real advantage

Today — more than ever — you need an insurance broker on your side to ensure you are getting the right coverage for your needs, and to understand that your needs differ from those of your neighbours or your friends.  Our role is to ensure we know what you need, how much you want to pay, and what is important to you before we every recommend a particular product.

No two customers are alike, and so no two plans may be the same.  Our commitment you is to provide you with the best insurance advice, the best insurance products, and the best insurance experience that you will see sets iQ apart from other brokerages. 

So in the end, our true advantage sits between the technology and the products - the iQ advantage is our experienced brokers who work every day at helping Canadians get the right insurance.


Our Values ▸

At iQ Insurance Services, we...

  • DELIVER on our commitments to our clients, our shareholders, each other and our business partners.
  • VALUE the significant contributions our partners provide and the opportunities they present.
  • SPEAK a common language that creates mutual understanding.
  • CONSTANTLY seek improvement in ourselves, our performance, our results.
  • TRUST that our values will be embedded in our company culture and decision making.      
  • EMBRACE each other’s uniqueness and diversity and the value they bring to our company.

Our insurance providers

We carefully selected our insurance partners based on their ability to provide superb coverage, product flexibility, superior claim service, and competitive pricing.  After all, you are paying for insurance coverage, you should expect the very best when you need it. 

Our partners are considered the best in the insurance industry. We are proud to represent:

In addition to these insurers, iQ has access to over 30 MGA and specialty insurers across Canada

Your Privacy ▸

We respect the privacy of our clients and we are committed to keeping your personal information accurate, confidential, secure and private. iQ Insurance Services has adopted a Privacy Policy to ensure that we continue to meet our commitment to your privacy. Read it now >>